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SIKA is a Danish producer of high-quality industrial footwear, with over a century of experience in the production and development of industrial footwear. Today, we are a modern company supplying a wide range of industries including the food industry, cleaning, hospitals, kitchens, laboratories, building & construction, metal, agriculture and transport.

We have a wide range of clogs and industrial shoes for professional users: traditional clogs, clogs with plywood soles, flexible clogs with or without leather insoles, wooden-soled boots and a series of industrial shoes and sandals. Our product development has, as its point of departure, the considerable demands placed by customers and markets on modern Industrial footwear.

We focus on being able to offer the end-user optimum comfort, the necessary degree of safety and long-term durability. SIKA FOOTWEAR's many years of experience, combined with ongoing dialogue with our customers and end-users, underlie our considerable R&D activities. All developing and testing is carried out in close cooperation with Danish and international research and testing institutes.

We only accept products that fully live up to the above-mentioned criteria. Our products are not only CE approved but also certified in accordance with EU norms. A number of articles are approved according to Canadian/American standards. SIKA FOOTWEAR, as always,strives to establish customer relations that are based on high quality and a mutual interest in marketing a product of the highest quality. We feel this is vital in our work as a supplier of industrial footwear that, in all respects, meets the wishes and requirements of the end-user.


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