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Sika Footwear has a 6 month warranty on manufacturer’s defect in both the leather upper and polyurethane sole. The warranty is not a guarantee of any sort and is conditional to defects in the quality of the product and not due to normal wear and tear.

We would stress to all sales people not to use the word guarantee as people will make every attempt to utilize those words for exchanging worn out pairs of footwear.

We have had some incidences of the leather on the LBS sole lifting this is due to either not wearing socks causing increased moisture or someone throwing them in the dish washer to clean. The shoes are fine and an insole may have to be purchased.

We have also seen cuts in the leather in direct line with the big toe this is due to long toe nails and is not a defect in the leather. In some instances the shoes can be taken to a local shoe repair to get fixed if there is a glue seal issue.

With cracking of the wood sole, please check which way the crack occurs either forwards or backwards. In some instances we have had people take the shoes and snap them in half the unfortunate thing here for them is that it is easily detected and they not only will not receive a new pair but will have to re-purchase as those shoes can no longer be worn.

Also please be specific. All shoes have a date stamp on them that we can identify to each shipment and week of production. Around 6 months ago is not sufficient enough information for us to issue a credit. This will also enable us to identify any other problems that may have occurred during production and will assist us in quality control.

Please check the bottom of the sole to see the amount of wear and tear on the shoe and indicate the style year and week of production. On the closed heel it is indicated on the back of the heel and on the open heel it is found on the outside of the shoe.

If you have any questions regarding manufacturers defect then please contact me at 1-888-298-7097. If you are not then please return the pair to us or have the customer return them to us for inspection.

Yours truly,
Stacey Laursen
Sika Footwear/Maxikap International Inc.


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