Why Come To Sika Footwear International

Why should you choose to shop at Sika Footwear International?

Footwear made for work

At Sika Footwear International we have been importing Sika Shoes and Clogs for over 20 years. Sika Footwear (Dk) develop, manufacture and supply footwear for working people. From the nurse with the 12-hour shift to the chef who preparing meals throughout the day. The needs vary, but the same requirement applies to all of them: The footwear must fit both the feet and the job that needs to be done! Sika have many different styles, with one to fit every foot and job. 

Sika Footwear (Denmark), the manufacturer, is a Danish company which took its first steps back in 1870. Not that longevity is synonymous with quality, but it is difficult to argue against 150 years of insight and refinement. Today they use the knowledge to develop products from scratch, as well as selecting and marketing the very best brands on the market.

Yes, we know a lot about footwear at Sika Footwear. But for us it’s just as important to listen to those who actually wear the shoes in everyday life. For that reason, we develop our own products in close cooperation with the users, because ultimately, it’s their opinion that counts. So, whether it means an extra slip resistant sole or even better comfort, we’ll go the extra mile. Common ground creates the best results.

In other words, choosing Sika Footwear gives you the whole package and also guarantees service that goes beyond the usual expectations. 


Team at Sika Footwear International